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Pre Kindergarten at ICS is the Right Start for your child's educational journey. It offers the four-year-old child a reassuring first experience in a school environment, as well as an enjoyable introduction to the basic concepts that affect their world.


Language Arts: Introductory Lessons on letter recognition and letter sounds. Your child is presented with many stories and books to help develop print concepts and encourage a love of reading. Penmanship includes printing letters and names using correct letterforms.

Math: Hands on manipulative tools are used daily to introduce and reinforce basic math concepts such as: counting, shapes, sorting, math vocabulary and number recogntion.

Science: Introductory lessons are structured to stimulate the sense of wonder in children. Lessons explore the use of scientific tools, vocabulary and simple experimentation. 

Social Studies: Creating an awareness of the whole world around them is the main focus of the program. Imparting self-help skills is the goal; empowering their ability to become problem solvers.

Religion: Children learn that God made all living things. A unique aspect of God's creation is the foundation of each lesson.

As a part of the curriculum for pre kindergarten the children attend enrichment classes such as physical education, music, and computers. The children frequently visit or have visits from the Warren County Library. Smart Boards, flat screens, computers or iPads are a daily part of the children's day.