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The purpose of Immaculate Conception school is to provide and nurture effective Catholic religious education and quality elementary academic education for students from Immaculate Conception Parish in grades Pre-K through eight.

In this Catholic Faith environment, the school's curriculum is developed to help students grow in all areas of learning -- spiritual, academic, affective, social , and physical -- by:

  • teaching the Catholic Faith, the arts and sciences in a coeducational climate of academic inquiry
  • encouraging the sharing of faith values and cultural traditions
  • reaching out to others in service both within and beyond the school community

Immaculate Conception School takes pride in being distinctively Catholic by offering opportunities for prayer, worship, liturgical experiences and teaching Gospel values through a Catholic worldview. The school educates the whole child with a comprehensive, well-rounded curriculum that promotes academic excellence. Immaculate Conception School promotes fiscal practice and partners with community and alumni to ensure affordable and accessible Catholic education to children in grades PreK through 8th grade.